Congratulations for taking this first step. You have realised that you may need help, so what now?  After you have made contact by phone we will arrange the Initial Session.

Initial Session

Appointments are 50 minutes long. The initial appointment will give you a chance to meet your therapist and discuss the issue that has brought you to this point & your hopes/fears or any concerns you may have.  I will outline how I work and assess what therapeutic approach would best suit your needs depending on your presenting issue. Together we will come to an agreement on the number of sessions required, this can also be renegotiated at a later stage depending on progress made. We will also discuss the fee per session and cancellation policy.

 Confidentiality & Exceptions

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance & as per IACP (Irish Association of Counselling Practitioners) guidelines aspects of your case may be discussed with a supervisor. This is to ensure that the clinical & professional care received is of the highest standard & the most effective for your presenting issue. At no point will your identity or identifying information be disclosed. Your confidentiality will be upheld & respected at all times. However, if it is assessed that you are at risk of seriously harming yourself or others, it may be necessary to alert others such as your GP of any concerns.  We will discuss the limits of confidentiality in more depth at your initial session.


The fee is €60 per session for individual counselling. I do operate on a sliding scale which means that individual circumstances will be taken into consideration, please call for further details. It is best that you feel grounded leaving your session, therefore the last five minutes of each session will be used to confirm future appointments and payment.  Fees are paid by cash and there is no facility to take credit/debit cards.